Introduction to America

Introduction to America - The United States is very...

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Unformatted text preview: The United States is very different from any other country of this planet in more ways than anyone could ever even begin to imagine. While many of these differences are good, there is also an array of disadvantages to living in the United States versus living in another country. Almost all of the advantages and disadvantages depend on personal preference, but some differences still remain the same no matter who you are. One of the greatest differences lies in popular culture. What is accepted by the majority in this country is much different than one may find in another location. Personal appearance is one aspect of the American culture which strangely and disturbingly categorized amongst the population. In the United States’ female population, beauty is classified as an unnaturally thin individual, typically with blonde hair, a large chest, and generally caked with make-up as well. Beauty in the male population can be easily described as the alpha-male type. Popular entertainment revolves around this depiction, and don’t be surprised to see disturbing images all...
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Introduction to America - The United States is very...

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