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Book Review - Final Draft - Padraic OBrien English 100:24...

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Padraic O’Brien English 100:24 Alan Pound 3/5/08 I’m a Stranger Here Myself: A Critical Book Review The book “I’m a Stranger Here Myself” falls into a variety of categories, but is effectively labeled as an autobiography/memoir on the actual book cover. It was published by Broadway Books of New York City in 1999. At the time of the book’s publication, Bryson had returned to his native land of the United States after nearly 20 years of work as a journalist in the United Kingdom. The book was published in the United States, but is a collection of weekly columns the author had written for a British magazine while living in his home of Hanover, New Hampshire. Bryson was asked to write this weekly column by a friend of his, Simon Kelner, who had recently become editor of Night and Day magazine, a supplement of the Mail on Sunday newspaper of Britain. These articles are organized chronologically and generally reflect on life within the United States, often comparing and contrasting certain aspects of America with those of Great Britain. In the text, Bryson covers an array of topics linked to American life, from the amount of junk food available to US citizens, to drive-in movie theaters, to the state of America’s gross domestic product. He uses previous experiences from living in the United States 20 years prior to writing the column to life in the United States at the time of publication. Bryson does a great deal of this in his piece “The Great Indoors,” where he speaks of the activities he and his friends engaged in when he was young, and the disappearance of those activities in modern times. He goes on to explain how Americans today seem to strive for a completely indoor environment throughout their entire lives, one fine example of this is his experience in the Opryland hotel, where it was not possible for him to walk to the amusement park, because the only available 1
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entry was for vehicles. He covers a number of the book’s topics with a humorous twist; more opinionated than statistically or factually based, but in other selections he submits to the latter,
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Book Review - Final Draft - Padraic OBrien English 100:24...

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