Informative Speech Self-Critique

Informative Speech Self-Critique - Padraic OBrien...

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Padraic O’Brien Fundamentals of Oral Communication Eric Eberhardt 2/23/08 Informative Speech Self-Critique I really believe my public speaking skills need a great deal of development. It is safe to say that my speech displayed the need for development more than I wished it would have. Although I am very impressed with my performance in some areas, I know that I surely could have presented this speech more effectively. One imperative attribute of an effective speech is volume, and this particular attribute’s importance along with my failure to present with an acceptable volume level put a damper on my speech that could have easily been solved. This low level of volume has been a consistent provider of degradation in my life; I am often called on for mumbling by my family and peers, and often told that I am just not loud enough. I pray that through the activities of this class and other experiences throughout my college life, I am able to shake this inconvenience off of me, and finally naturally speak at a level loud enough for all, even in front of a crowd. I believe that I provided a strong introduction in my speech, whether everyone could hear
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Informative Speech Self-Critique - Padraic OBrien...

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