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Informative Speech Outline “Long-Term Care and its financial nightmare.” By: Padraic O’Brien Introduction I) Does anyone know someone in a long-term care facility? II) Has anyone seen a summary of charges associated with long-term care? III) Many would be shocked at the rates and diminishing methods of payment IV) Here to talk about: a. Types of long-term care b. Costs associated with long-term care c. Methods of payment associated with long-term care Body I) Types of long term care a. Home Health Care (4) i. Senior citizens living at home with help coming directly to them 1. Examples of care provided : laundry, bathing, dressing, cooking, cleaning 2. Care can be provided by friends, family, “employees”, volunteers 3. Some care can only be provided by licensed health care workers(RN’s, LPN’s) ii. Good alternative for those seeking independence in old age but needing help with certain tasks 1. Usually involves helping seniors recover from illness or injury 1
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2. Definitely not recommended for chronic illnesses or deadly diseases 3. Costs fluctuate from state to state and depend on amount/types of care involved b. Assisted Living (1)(3) i. Residents living in their own room or apartment in a building or group of
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Informative Speech Outline - Informative Speech Outline...

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