Lecture 1(Native Americans and Europeans at time of contact)

Lecture 1(Native Americans and Europeans at time of...

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HIST 3071: Louisiana History Spring 2008 Dr. Alecia P. Long 1.17.08 NATIVE AMERICANS IN LOUISIANA: BEFORE AND AFTER EUROPEAN CONTACT Pre-Contact Native Americans: * 10,000 BC to 5,000 BC = Paleo-Indians * 5,000 BC to 3,000 BC = Meso-Indians * 2,000 BC to 1,700 AD = Neo-Indians O Neo-Indians include: O Poverty Point O Natchez O Marksville O Built mounds to celebrate and took part in rituals Poverty Point: * History O Located in West Carroll Parish, LA (north Louisiana) O Constructed ca. 1,500 BC O At that time, PP was the largest earthwork site in what is now US/America O Mounds notable for their age, size, and complexity O Constructed at the same time as some Egyptian pyramids O Mound building cultures had existed in LA since 4,000 BC but none built a site as large and complex as group at PP O 1950’s—people farmed area of PP, John Gibson was archaeologist who said it was as high as 70 ft, with several large mounds, and ridges expanding out to 6 miles * Location O The choice of Bayou Macon was not random O Abundant food sources: in fact, very large population for hunter/gatherer society O Water gave them ENORMOUS food source O Important trade and transportation hub O Engaged in extensive traveling O Channel allowed them to take pirogues to travel as far as Missouri and Arkansas O Very intelligent about natural world O Traded and made tools; thousands of ceremonial figures with bodies Native American Groups and Locations at the Time of Contact: (pg 16-21) * Attakapas—“human flesh eater”; southwest region of present day LA * Caddoan—north of Attakapas on modern day TX/LA border
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Lecture 1(Native Americans and Europeans at time of...

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