Lecture 10(Slavery II)

Lecture 10(Slavery II) - HIST 3071: Louisiana History...

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HIST 3071: Louisiana History Spring 2008 Dr. Alecia P. Long 2.21.08 SLAVERY IN LOUISIANA (II) : -Free People of Color & Slaves in LA: Fact and Fiction- Central Argument : * The presence of a large and influential population of FPC in LA complicated the subjects of race and slavery * So did fictional accounts written in the 19 th century that focused on the state and its populations of people of color—free and slave FPC in the Colonial Period : * Free People of Color is a population that has grown over time * Spanish Colonial Period (FPC population grew very rapidly during this period) o Spanish slave laws were different from French slave laws ° Coertacion—the ability to purchase yourself out of slavery o Increasing focus on free women of color, which made up the majority of the population ° Many freed because of relationships they had with free white men, allowing their children to be free and so on… ° Women were more prosperous o 1786—Spanish Gov. Miro passed his Bando du buen gobierno (Edict for Good Government) ° Two sections in this edict focused on FWC Many free women of color had men that took care of them so they didn’t have to work · Gov. Miro saw this as problem that could lead to potential disorder · Stated that they should get back to work Also stated that women of color needed to stop flaunting themselves, specifically in the way they dress and they way there wore their hair · The Tignon, or headwrap, was used as a punishment to WoC to make them stop wearing their hair in European styles · The women turned this punishment around and made it a mark of distinction with elaborate head scarves Other Traditions Also Arise : * Placage—(place and mari)— o Arrangements made to solidify biracial relationships because marriage was illegal across races * Quadroon Balls
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Lecture 10(Slavery II) - HIST 3071: Louisiana History...

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