Lecture 3(Spanish Louisiana)

Lecture 3(Spanish Louisiana) - HIST 3071: Louisiana History...

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HIST 3071: Louisiana History Spring 2008 Dr. Alecia P. Long 1.24.08 SPANISH LOUISIANA: (1763-1803) Spain, the Underrated Colonizers : * An enduring sense of Louisiana as French * Some immigrants during the Spanish period enhance LA’s French identity (the Acadians) * The French Quarter as an example you can “see” * Spanish require brick and stucco versus wood after fires of 1788 and 1794 The Cabildo : * Spanish institution and a Spanish building with a French roof The French Quarter : * French Quarter almost entirely characterized by Spanish architectural influence * A metaphor for the Spanish influence in LA Strategic Interest, Practical Approach : * Spain responsible for setting the conditions that allowed French cultural influence to grow and flourish * Spain’s main concern was strategic—defensive expansion * Had to enhance immigration in order to make this work and to protect their holdings People Who Came During Spanish Period : * Acadians—most arrive during the Spanish Period o Expelled from New France by British o Scattered beginning 1755 o Support by and disagreements with Spanish administrators o The Grand Derangement—(expulsion from St. Lawrence Valley and Nova Scotia) ° Families were separated; unwelcome after rejection ° 1760s—a group is welcomed in LA
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Lecture 3(Spanish Louisiana) - HIST 3071: Louisiana History...

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