Lecture 5 (Mardi Gras)

Lecture 5 (Mardi Gras) - HIST 3071 Louisiana History Spring...

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HIST 3071: Louisiana History Spring 2008 Dr. Alecia P. Long 1.31.08 MARDI GRAS IN LOUISIANA: PRESENT AND PAST William C.C. Claiborne: * The no 4 choice * “Only his youth, limited experience, and complete ignorance of French and Spanish were drawbacks.”- Jon Kuhla * Held essentially dictatorial powers over the colony * Directed by Jefferson to make change slowly and prudently Claiborne’s First Carnival -1804: * Dancing a pastime bordering on an obsession * “frivolous diversions” at center of New Orleans culture * 1804—W.C.C. Claiborne to Secretary of State James Madison O wrote letter about what is going on in balls, ballrooms hotspot for cultural exchange and misunderstanding Overall Argument: * Anglo-Americans will profoundly change and reshape LA’s culture after 1803 * But Creole Louisianians will also reshape the culture of Anglo-Americans * Carnival is one principal example Roots of Carnival: * Clear European roots (Catholic festivals; charivari) O punish and warn someone in society, make fun of people but also throw a party * Celebrated between Twelfth night (Jan 5) and Ash Wednesday (geared towards Catholicism) * Carne Levare (to leave off meat)— O Make some sort of sacrifice = carnival In Louisiana (especially New Orleans): * Associated with French-speaking Creoles,
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Lecture 5 (Mardi Gras) - HIST 3071 Louisiana History Spring...

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