final_2005 - MS&E 303 – Fall 2005 Final Exam(2.5...

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Unformatted text preview: MS&E 303 – Fall 2005 Final Exam (2.5 hours) Notes: Read carefully. • Read the problems very carefully and be sure to answer the question that is given. • All problems are very similar to homework problems, but do not assume that they are identical. • Clearly identify your final answers. Where a final numerical answer is required, it must be given as an expression that could be directly plugged into a calculator. Symbols may only be used if (i) they are commonly known (such as R ), or they are explicitely enumerated with the answer. Example: X A is solution to: X A exp • Ω RT (1- X A ) 2 ‚ = K A K A = exp[- Δ G o /RT ] G o ( T ) =- 173 , 200 + 8 . 73 T where Ω = 16 , 000 and T = 1738 K . • Please try to start problems in sequence in the exam books, leaving space as needed. • As I only got a 90% on my flight exam, you get 10 free points. Choose to do any 9 of the 10 problems given. 1. Short, quick answers. (a) What are the four laws of thermodynamics. Provide a one-line verbal answer (on all) and a one line mathematical answer (for all but the 0 th Law). (b) Define (text and math) the activity as it relates to the chemical potential. (c) How is the activity of an arbitrary material related to the vapor pressure (text and math)?...
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This note was uploaded on 09/21/2008 for the course MSE 303 taught by Professor Thompson during the Fall '04 term at Cornell.

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final_2005 - MS&E 303 – Fall 2005 Final Exam(2.5...

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