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Chapter 3: Creativity and Opportunity Recognition I. Basic Ideas about access to, and utilization of, information A. Idea Generation- production of ideas for something new B. Creativity- generation of ideas that are both new and potentially useful C. Opportunity Recognition- the capacity to identify the potential to create something new that may generate economic value. D. Human Cognition- the mental process through which we acquire information, store it, transform it, and use it to accomplish a wide range of tasks. Ideas occur when individuals use existing knowledge they have gained thru experience to generate something new that may be useful. The more experience people have in a given field, the more likely they are to identify opportunities in it II. E. Working memory- information held for brief periods of time
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Unformatted text preview: F. Long-term memory- vast amounts of information retained for long periods of time G. Factual Information- Readily available information H. Procedural information- Can’t be easily put into words Successful entrepreneurs have learned how to recognize opportunity and have stored enough info and strategies to utilize information that it has become procedural. III. Schemas and Prototypes I. Known as mental frameworks or scaffolds that help us understand and integrate it with information we already possess. J. Schemas- cognitive frameworks representing our knowledge and assumptions about specific aspects of the world K. Prototypes- abstract, idealized mental representations that capture the essence of a category of objects...
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