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DISCIPLINE Kondo: Pages 76 – 115 Because the center was in the business of transforming selves, it elaborated an explicit theory of selfhood: what constitutes an ideal self; the inseparability of selves from the sites of their construction in families, companies, schools, and societies The Ethics Retreat o School runs several different seminars (young lady seminar, married woman seminar, regular employee seminar, etc…) Wake – up o Wake up at five in the morning o The realization of ethical goals begins with concrete activities, and among these, early rising as critically important Cleaning o It was equally important to show tremendous enthusiasm as we hosed down the toilets, emptied the tins of sanitary napkins Morning Ceremony o Nationalism (played the national anthem as counselors raised the flags) o The participants were skillfully selected and their speeches were without exception articulate, moving, and relevant to people’s work experiences Vocalization practice Exercise/ Running o We ran at lean one and a half miles a day, often more, as a rehearsal for the 7.5 kilometer marathon scheduled for the next – to – last day of the program Cold Water Ablution (The washing of one’s body) o Aims of exercise: It should instill in us a gratefulness to Nature, through giving thanks to the water. It should also make us aware of our bodies (through their mortification) and hence of the fact that they were gifts from Nature and from our parents o Thus, it was a symbolic cleansing away of selfishness, which in turn should teach us sunaosa: gentleness, meekness, obedience Morning Gathering o I observed in class, the lectures were taken least seriously of all the exercises, and they seemed to have little effect Meals o All done prior to 8:30 breakfast o Mealtimes were businesslike. We spent less than fifteen minutes actually eating and then dashed to clean up so that there would be more time to relax and chat or rest in our rooms… Different from European culture Seiza o Formal Japanese way of sitting on the floor o Should we be unable to concentrate, should we find ourselves in pain or getting sleepy, we were to ask the teacher to strike us with the stick
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o All of this was designed to heighten our filial piety Refresh Time o “Refreshing” the floors of the school o I, on the other hand, was indignant about the extreme discomfort to which we were subjected. My fellow participants may have felt opposition or resistance to the extreme nature of the exercise, but the form in which it was cast seemed to make more cultural sense to them than it did to me The Field of Obligation o Filial piety o We were to give thanks for the gift of life, and thus realize the immensity of the obligation we owed our parents o Actually I was moved to anger, not to tear: the whole exercise seemed ridiculously extreme, silly, and painful. I cursed my decision to come to the center, even my decision to become and anthropologist! The Marathon
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Test Prep 2 - DISCIPLINE Kondo: Pages 76 115 Because the...

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