Test Prep 1 - Some basic anthropological concepts: Cultural...

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Some basic anthropological concepts: Cultural relativism – recognition that every culture brings something important Social construction of truth – religion, if everyone practices it, it is “truth” Social Context – different meanings in different cultures, situational Ethnocentrism – putting the ideas of culture first Essentialism and anti – essentialism – reducing a culture to stereotype elements, but always changing Participant observations – studying by doing and being a part of it Reflexivity – being able to look at things in the context of your own culture Critique of the Billiard ball theory of culture Topics and concepts: Make sure you can (1) Define the concept or explain the reading/film; (2) Provide an example; (3) Make at least one critique of the concept Kinship(Helmreich, Kondo, Reed, Paris is Burning) - Anthropological definitions of kinship: Relatedness, a way of sharing resources, a way of talking about other things (politics, economics, etc), a way to naturalize social, political, economic, and other kinds of relations - Descent theory: Unilateral (Patrilineal, matrilineal), bilateral o Euro – American idea - Alliance theory: Prisoners in Bomana (bus stop analogy) o Not blood - Corporate theory: The Japanese ie o Based on working unit - Forms of relationality: Consanguinal, affinal o Related through blood - Forms of residence: Patrilocal, matrilocal, neolocal o Who moves and lives where - Euro – American ideas of kinship o Descent, affinal - Other ideas of kinship as they come up in Reed, Kondo, Paris is Burning - Kinship charts – advantage and disadvantage - Feminist critiques of kinship theories o All kinship theories assume a unit, but it is more fluid o Can be created (Paris is Burning) Gift exchange (Mauss, Grapes of Wrath, Ongka’s Big Moka)
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- I have a dime can you just give me this much of your bread… but she gave whole thing because day old…. Gave kids candy … Two guys walk out and gave her extra because they saw what she did for him - Maori’s law of gift exchange (Marcel Mauss)
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Test Prep 1 - Some basic anthropological concepts: Cultural...

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