Molarity of HCl Formal Write Up

Molarity of HCl Formal Write Up - Title Determining the...

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Title Determining the Molarity of A Strong Acid Sophie Scheidlinger, author Candace Britton, lab partner Experiment 3 September 21, 2007 Purpose To use titration to determine the molarity of a strong acid, HCL, to four decimal places. To demonstrate accuracy and precision. Methods The titration was conducted according the procedure outlined on pages 35-36 in the General Chemistry 1A Laboratory Manual for Fall of 2007. Obtain about 20 mL of 5M HCl and dispense into a clean, dry, 50 mL beaker. Rinse a clean 5.00 mL pipette with a little of the 5 M HCl solution. To do this, place the pipette covered with the suction cup into the solution, squeeze the suction cup to draw up the HCl solution and tilt the pipette until the HCl has touched all the sides of the pipette. Release the HCl by squeezing the suction cup when it is over the waste beaker. Remember to read the bottom of the meniscus to obtain measurements. Again, fill the pipette by suction to above the calibration mark. Remove the bulb and immediately cover the stem with a dry, right index finger. Wipe off the lower stem and tip. Adjust the index finger covering the pipette until the meniscus reaches the calibration mark. Drain HCl into a clean 250.00 mL volumetric flask. Fill the flask to the line with distilled water and carefully swirl the mixture. If any of the HCl or TRIS gets on the skin (or anywhere else, for that matter) at any point, immediately and thoroughly wash the affected area with distilled water for several minutes. Rinse a buret twice with a few mL of the diluted HCl solution. Fill the buret with
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Molarity of HCl Formal Write Up - Title Determining the...

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