Class 6 - - Franklin also worked on small but important...

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Ben Franklin Franklin was 7 th son, so there was not much inheritance to be had Franklin’s brother James taught him the process of Printing Franklin soon wrote letters with a pseudonym for his brother’s paper (his brother is impressed by the writings) Franklin was smart, but couldn’t get into Harvard because of lack of funds necessary. -- Franklin created the Voluntary Association: Junto: A group founded by Franklin where people discuss business, politics and various ideas an philosophy. Library Company: A library started by Franklin which members payed into in order to obtain books. Still around today. Franklin started the College of Philadelphia in 1749, which was eventually merged another college to create the University of Pennsylvania. Franklin was also created the first fire company in PA Fire company used a bucket brigade to stop fires Also guarded houses from looters
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Unformatted text preview: Franklin also worked on small but important projects Worked on butting cobblestone pavers on the roads to reduce dust and mud--Franklin didn’t like pompous rich people who thought that they were better than everyone--Poor Richards almanac was a reference created for the common person (Contained info on Colonies, Capitals, Religious facts, and advice) Franklin learned a lot about printing from a trip to England Franklin eventually quits the printing business at age 42 1748-English France Spain at war. Franklin wants a volunteer army, Quakers oppose 1758-1774 Franklin wants PA turned into royal British colony William Franklin (Ben Franklin’s son) gets made Governor of NJ Franklin eventually finds out that the British want to tax the colonies Franklin turns against the idea of turning PA into a royal colony....
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Class 6 - - Franklin also worked on small but important...

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