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University College College of The Arts Art 1107: The Arts in Society, Summer 2008 Section 01: M/W 6PM -8:45 PM (Stephenson); Section 02: T/Th 2PM-4:45 PM (Stephenson) ART 1107: THE ARTS IN SOCIETY A Course in the General Education Program TEXT : Mark Getlein, Living With Art , 8th edition. McGraw-Hill (purchase at campus bookstore) OR (Choose one) : Download the eBook to your primary computer:http://textbooks.zinio.com or Access from any computer connected to the internet: http://ebooks.primisonline.com ) Program Description : The General Education Program at KSU offers a common academic experience for all its students. In a series of interrelated courses in the liberal arts and sciences, it provides the opportunity for them to acquire the intellectual skills and knowledge characteristic of educated persons. Thus, it lays the foundation for success in their academic, professional, and personal lives. Whereas the major program contributes to a college education depth in a designated specialization, the General Education Program provides breadth by introducing and connecting a variety of disciplines. Program Goals : The General Education Program at KSU has five goals. During the course of the program, students should achieve the following: 1.) Demonstrate knowledge and understanding in the General Education area: Fine Arts. 2.) Demonstrate proficiency in communication. 3.) Demonstrate skills in inquiry, critical thinking, & problem solving through scholarly and/or creative activity. 4.) Demonstrate an understanding of ethics, diversity and a global perspective. Course Description : Through an examination of the role of arts in society, and an in depth study of the visual works of arts, this interactive course provides an understanding of the creative process and develops skills in creativity and critical analysis. Heightened perceptual abilities will be developed through class experiences and field visits to a variety of art events in music and theater/performing arts as well as in the visual arts. Class discussions and projects, videotapes, and field trips will supplement slide lectures. Required attendance at most events requires paid admission. Each student must purchase tickets at the
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beginning of the semester to assure availability. VI. : 1. Students will become familiar with differences and commonalities of art produced in different cultures, at different times, using a variety of techniques, materials and styles through works by both leading and diverse artists. 2. Students will expand their understanding of and evaluate what constitutes art for a given time and place, including the present. 3. Students will learn to view art with perceptions heightened by understanding how work in artistic, humanistic and scientific domains interrelate. 4. Students will explore the ways in which art enters our lives and influences our thoughts, moods and
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1107+syll+Summer+08 - UniversityCollege CollegeofTheArts...

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