Supreme Ct. 9-18

Supreme Ct. 9-18 - What are the mechanics of decision...

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Unformatted text preview: What are the mechanics of decision making on the merits? *download graphic from blackboard*-Here ends the first portion of the course, everything that follows will be on the second exam Once court grants the petition for cert… 1. Written briefs • Court requires written briefs follow certain technical requirements • Petitioner- party that brought the case to the court (Blue) • Respondent-court that won in the lower court (Red) • Reply briefs- yellow briefs made in response to respondents • Joint appendix- everything you’d want to know about what took place in the case up until it reached the supreme court. Contains all of the lower court precedings. All of the relevant background materials that might not be contained in the parties briefs • Gov’t briefs- gray briefs that are filed by the government, expressing their views. Suggests that the court places a great reliance on what the gov’t has to say • Office of the solicitor general- states the views of the federal gov’t. given special weight from the court • Amicus briefs- friend of the court, tells the court that some interest other than the immediate impact on the party exists. (Light green support the petitioner, dark green support the respondent) • Color coding helps the court sort out who is saying what by having everything handy • Amicus briefs are filed either with permission of the court, or with the permission of both parties. Generally if one party disagrees, the other party can go to the court and the court...
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  • Spring '08
  • McGuire
  • Supreme Court of the United States, Sandra Day O'Connor, Chief Justice of the United States, majority opinion, Clarence Thomas, Bush v. Gore

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Supreme Ct. 9-18 - What are the mechanics of decision...

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