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Supreme Ct. 11-29

Supreme Ct. 11-29 - What impact do the Courts policies have...

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What impact do the Court’s policies have? Public understanding of the Court o Do the justices’ decisions improve public knowledge of the Court? o No, because: o 1) Court is more removed from public eye than other branches Court tries to make itself a distant institution Only likes to speak through its written decisions Rarely speak to the media Justices have been harsh towards questions about their decisions MOST DECISIONS ARE UNKNOWN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC MOST AMERICANS CANNOT NAME A JUSTICE OR IDENTIFY THE CHIEF JUSTICE MOST AMERICANS LACK BASIC UNDERSTANDING OF THE COURT’S POWERS o 2) Public is often provided inaccurate information Media coverage of the Court is relatively poor For example, agenda setting is often confused with decisions on the merits When the court has decided not to hear a case, they are deciding not the resolve that issue Making this decision is making a decision not based on the merits
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