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Supreme Ct. 11-15

Supreme Ct. 11-15 - Summary of public opinions influence on...

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Summary of public opinions influence on the Court (repeated maybe?) Elite opinion o Could be members of the media/government—influential people o Republicans from outside DC adjust and generally become more liberal Recognize that they need to cultivate favorable opinions from the media o Why? The justices are human Seek the approval of those they care about Media, legal community, other elites Mass opinion o Evidence is weak at the individual level In any given case, it is just as likely a justification as it is an influence Similar to precedent, it is available to bolster an opinion o Why? Too idiosyncratic Implausible to say that justices consistently care, anticipate, and react to public reaction to individual decisions o Stronger evidence is in the aggregate Across all cases, the court’s policies in general respond to the public opinion Policy preferences are the main determinant But public opinion nudges the justices left or right o Why?
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