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Notes oct 8 - The First New Nation Forging a New Government...

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The First New Nation Forging a New Government o George Washington: Mr. President Elected unanimously by the electoral college Almost every decision seemed to take on heightened importance, as he was aware that each one would set precedent o Bill of Rights Included: Freedom of the press, speech, religion Trial by jury and due process Forbade unreasonable search and seizure Protected against self incrimination Required with ratification of Constitution by the anti-federalists Was the most important achievement of early years of the Constitution o Departments and Courts Departments: State, Treasury, War Already existed under the Articles, so the debate existed over how much power the president would have over the officials who held such posts Would eventually become the cabinet Judiciary Act of 1789: 13 federal district courts: 3 Circuit Courts: Supreme Court Framers had been vague on the subject Created a hierarchical system o Revenue and Trade Tariff Act 1789 Nearly everyone agreed that the governments chief source of money should come from tariffs on imported goods
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Most goods were taxed 5% Some goods were recognized as vital to the nations wellbeing and they were taxed 50% Provoked some sparring between regions The First Party System: Federalists and Republicans o Hamilton’s financial program Treasury department (headed by Hamilton) was the largest and most important department. Until the government could set up a system to begin paying debt, the US could not gain any credibility in the eyes of other nations Hamilton brought energy and direction: was ambitious, egotistical, not particularily democratic minded Was orphaned at 13, thus craved power and social direction
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Notes oct 8 - The First New Nation Forging a New Government...

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