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Notes oct 3 - Republican Ideology: believed that authority...

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Republican Ideology: believed that authority of central gov’t needed to be limited, that gov’t needed to rely on the people, and that individual citizens needed to police the gov’t to ensure that it wasn’t becoming corrupt Public virtue o Political discipline had to come from self regulated behavior—individuals because they believed in the public good had to regulate their behavior. (concept of public virtue) o Some thought that only those w/ economic independence could actually place public good ahead of their own. Fear of factions o In a government with little power, factions could spin out of control and render the government worthless Political equality o Some citizens felt that individual liberty had to be balanced by order (ie property qualifications), while other felt that everyone should be able to vote New state gov’ts o During revolutionary period, most states drew up their new state constitutions (by 1780) o Through trial and error, Americans worked out what a constitution should be and how it should work—establishing basic ideas of American constitutionalism o Pennsylvania ratified that most radical one, which created one all powerful house that was popularly elected annually and debates were open to the public and got rid of all property qualifications. o Massachusetts Created two houses, one more aristocratic, one more democratic Governor was able to oversee state expenditures and had veto power Retained property qualifications American Constitutionalism
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o Sovereignty lies with the people
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Notes oct 3 - Republican Ideology: believed that authority...

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