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Notes nov 12th - Manifest destiny and the west 1. The West...

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Manifest destiny and the west 1. The West a. The old northwest i. Land that was hotly debated in the proclamation ii. Brought into the union, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois iii. Both northerners and southerners came into the reigon but didn’t create a new culture, but implemented their old culture b. Upper midwest i. N. Ohio, Indiana, Mich, Wisc ii. Yankee culture iii. Whigs iv. Strong central government v. Antislavery vi. Communal sense of responsibility c. Lower Midwest i. S. Ohio ii. Indiania, Illinios Kentuckey iii. Southerners iv. Democrats v. Weak central gov’t vi. Proslavery vii. Distrusted central authority, Yankees were seen as intolerant do gooders d. Central i. Central ohio, IN, IL ii. PA/NJ iii. Ethnic diversity iv. Competing econ groups
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v. Economic growth e. The Old Southwest i. 600,000 white settlers ii. 800,000 slaves iii. Migration was regulated by 1. Jackson’s forced Indian removal 2. Increased cotton prices iv. 6 slave states, 7 free states were added v. Balance between both types was sought, and conflicts arose vi. Attracted hunters, small time farmers (yeoman), and large slaveowning plantation owners vii. The cotton gin made cotton into a huge crop in the south viii.Remained largely agricultural—based on slave labor f. The trans-Mississippi west i. Result of need of land spawning from cotton growth
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Notes nov 12th - Manifest destiny and the west 1. The West...

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