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1 Quiz #1 F96 1/23/97 Computer Science 252 Quiz #1 Name:_________________ Question 1:_____/ 7 Question 2:_____/ 4 Question 3:_____/ 8 Question 4:_____/ 6 Question 5:____/ 10 Total:_____/35 This exam consists of five questions , and is worth a total of 30 points . Take your time and make sure to show all work . Answers without justification will not receive full credit. Good luck! "The Hierarchical Detective" [7 points] 1. For one uniprocessor system, the time to access main memory is 200 nanoseconds. Assume that there is no contention in the memory hierarchy. Measured from the time that it begins execution, a single load instruction can take many different times. The following measurements are sorted from fastest to slowest. For each of the following timings, give the most likely explanation of why the load took that long. Assume any caches are write through. a) 10 nanoseconds b) 50 nanoseconds c) 200 nanoseconds d) 400 nanoseconds e) 20 milli seconds (20 x 10 6 nanoseconds) f) Give 3 details about the organization and implementation of the uniprocessor system that you can deduce from these measurements.
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2 Quiz #1 F96 1/23/97 Name:_________________ "Branching Out” [4 points] 2. The classic 5-stage pipeline presented in Chapter 3 has a 1 clock cycle branch delay provided the branch condition is checked in the second stage and the branch address is calculated in the second stage. This one-cycle delay is part of the DLX architecture. More recent implementations have gone to longer pipelines, such as the 8-stage pipeline of the R4000 presented in Chapter 3. R4000 instruction fetch takes 2 stages and data fetch takes 3 stages. The R4000 checks the branch condition and calculates the branch address in the fourth stage (EX). a) Suppose the machine is going to use static branch prediction for the 8-stage pipeline implementation. You choice is to predict taken or not taken. Assuming that you cannot change the pipeline, which would you chose? Why? b)
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fa96-quiz1 - Computer Science 252 Quiz #1 Name:_ Question...

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