15 - o A hormone-like part that fools the cell into taking...

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1/15 Cholera Bacterial infection Massive dehydration Begins with a regular diarrhea 20% of your body weight in one day 10 to 12 hours later, you die Can be treated by rehydration (“Gatorade”) Causative agent Vibrio cholerae o Grows in humans (but most of them actually die in you) o Best in salt water o Association with chitin (shellfish) Cholera Toxin o An enzyme that damages the salt/water balance
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Unformatted text preview: o A hormone-like part that fools the cell into taking it up o Causes Chloride to be excreted into small instestine o Blocks uptake of sodium chloride (and water) from small intestine o Water follows suit Epidemiology of Cholera o 8 total pandemics o Pandemic vs. epidemic o Pandemic is just a big (geographically speaking) epidemic...
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