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Bio 118 1/8 Mary Mallon Miasmis Theory: getting rid of the bad smells, odors, better food, cleaner water. Disease was connected with guilt – God was mad at you, you were a bad person, it was your fault you got sick. Germ Theory: this is a new theory Koch/Pasteur- identified bacteria and proved that it causes disease Public Health Care: They only cared about the sick, not the healthy Usually only brought into existence when there is an epidemic The dead bodies of sick people were used as Germ warfare to try and infect the population of a city. Hospitals are a relatively new invention This was also a time of the US becoming a world power
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Unformatted text preview: Clean water and milk kept clean This dropped the number of Typhoid cases Three Ways to Find Track ever case bacterilogically until clear Screen all food personnel Epidemiological tracking (works) Find the important carriers Lets the unimportant carriers alone Legal Issues Infected = sick (is this fair) Infected = dangerous Sick = dangerous only because of contagion Courts They would always find in favor of the government over the citizen Because she was a woman, she was treated as such She didnt live with her father or a husband Infected vs. Sick Mallon was never sick, but she was still infecting people...
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