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Post-Midterm Soc Notes - MARCH12 remeber:...

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MARCH 12 looking at race as a SOCIAL fact more than just a biological or psycological fact remeber: social fact is EXTERNAL to individuals and is CONSTRAINING -concept from "father" or sociology = dirkhiem race isnt just an ascribed trait it is part of social structure, external to individuals built into other institutions example: basketball origionally thought of as a "jewish" sport, now a "black" sport whenver race is part of a fundamentally way something plays out, it is said to be "racialised" example: hockey is racialised as a white sport when we say that race is a social fact, policies are based on it example: slavery, affirmitive action notions of race made real in culture ------> race is socially constructed the artical is looking at certain racial images and ideology, and the cultural effects of these images hegemony - made through culture the artical is giving us tools ot think aout how these racials imagves, gestures, ideology, create controaling images controlling images refer to ideologies and representations that are produced by the dominant group that construct or depict the subordinate group in a way that justifies or legitimates inequality by make the inequality seem natural is natural, essential, biological ------can relate to race, class, social-economic-status, sexuallity esperito is looking ofr a particular type of controlling images that has to do with putting gender together with race or ethnicity
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she talks about the gendering of ethnicity(race) gendering talks about how these ethnic images are "gendered", as in, having to do with masculinity or femininty. esperito notes that these controling images are part of a broader system of psyco-social domination that is composed of three things: 1)images 2)laws 3)violence there is the process of "othering" and the process of "centering" othering= creation of the other center = neutral, center, so we can see the other sides deboviour said that maleness is the center and femaless is the other example: whitness is the "Center", it shows us that other races are different MARCH 13 controlling images: produced by dominant group, depict subordinate groups in wasy that make their exploitation and poression seem "natural" (thus not political) gendering of ethnicity: (specific type or form of controlling images) "process whereby white ideology assigns selected gender characteristics to varios ethnic "others" (epriritu, 2002, 353 "others" (Other= edward said - orientalism) science has been employed to "prove" racist notions. if science was ideological then .... is science ideological now? we should also see a way that race is socially constructed. "whiteness" as an identity didnt exist .... we made it up.
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