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The difference between spit and saliva is socially constructed: product of human endeavor Humans made it up We made up the difference Almost everything is socially constructed Just because it is socially constructed doesn’t mean its not real, it means we created it Concept=Idea Abstraction Summarize realities Ex: gravity Organizes reality Shape perception Link together to form a theory Social Construction = Humanly produced It varies (variable) in the time (historical variation) and in space "relative" (not "anything goes") "relational"- it relate to certain things Ex: Family - three dimensions of relational These are the 3 dimensions across when things vary, difference between society Historical - time- difference within society at different times Cross cultural- space Intra-social- space a. Aka political- difference within a society Class Race, gender, sex Binary= system of 2 Ex: male and female, right and wrong, black and white We live to construct the world in binaries in "mutually exclusive opposition" Think in binary you only see the differences and you miss the overlaps Natural difference: NOT socially constructed "inevitable" not political SEX = presumable biological difference based on reproductive capacity/potential Ex: genitals Ovaries vs. testies Gonads Hormones Chromosomes Sex = physical underpinnings of gender Sex attribute- you don’t pick it, it is ascribed to you Sex is presumable natural Gender = socially constructed meaning/ significance of sex Psychological, social , political etc. significance of sex Gender is an expression of sex Gender as an individual attribute (variable) 1. Ascribed- written, you don’t choose it 2. Achieved (acquired) - chosen Example of this difference Born as a female=sex
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Don’t climb trees=gender Gender identity= internal sense of gender Gendered role Social set of expectations of behavior Socially constructed Definition: social set of expectations of behavior for males and females Example: boys play sports Sexuality- behavior, identity, desire, wishes Heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual Review We make binaries into inequalities We make them hierarchical One "better" than the other One top= better than one on the bottom Are binaries inherent in nature, or socially produced? Social production of binaries 1. Ideas (concepts) i. Spit vs. saliva 1. No chemical difference but difference in ideas ii. Self fulfilling prophecy, make that come true (idea) iii. "Believing is seeing" what we think about the world effects the world 2. Social "Practices" i. Social= together, practices= things we do ii. Ex: throwing like a girl Naturalization: The process of making things seem natural Think it is just nature but really we make it that way Sport helps to naturalize differences ________________________________________________________________ Science Facts, Empirical Data (sensory data that you can turn into numbers) Reason/logic We create generalizations of this Sociology- the study of human life/ interaction
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socnotes - The difference between spit and saliva is...

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