south american notes - Spanishempirestartsincarribean

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Spanish empire starts in carribean generation later moves to mexico half a generation later moves to the andes andes-thrid center in latin america what makes the andes special? what attracts the spanish? lots of people, who potentially can be ruled pizzaro clan (fransico?) captured ruler of inca empire and got money for his return so people flocked to peru (1530/1545) inca capital = cuzco discovered a huge mountain with veins of silver, potosi, in 1946 remember encomienda? a colonial a system very wide spred in the first central in colonial days where the governer would assign people he liked an encomienda, giving them a village as in their labor. he owned the triubte from the village, owned in labor becomes hacienda (plantation slash farmland) Hacienda vs plantaion both large agricultural estates hacienda oriented toward local/regional market plantation, obviously enlish word, oriented toward global markets lots of people died in the mines dissoved shit with mercury to get the silver mean while, lima is the big magnet
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south american notes - Spanishempirestartsincarribean

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