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07 - Art speak A Formal elements Line/shape Color Texture...

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8/29/07 memorization canon: what is collectively considered to be of prime importance who decides what’s important? history, which leaves plenty out medieval art – primitive, moving up to pinnacle: Michelangelo, gone downhill from then 18 th century: taxonomy, art appreciation, studying art scientifically, aesthetics: aspect of art history essentialist attitudes/absolutism of enlightenment era break down Marxism, semiotics, feminism, queer theory, psychology —> lenses used to analyze art Is it another renaissance? perhaps. new way of dealing with a body of knowledge renaissance used to describe period, esp. in italy, all over uerope, shy away from term to describe new era. Analysis more important than objects themselves, humanists see it as opposite What is art? OED: production of something beautiful The skill in producing such work Works such as paintings or sculptures produced by skill Why made? hw used? what does it tell us about the artist/society who/that produced it?
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Unformatted text preview: Art speak A) Formal elements Line/shape Color Texture mass/volume space scale/proportion Example: lines give sense of folding, depth, creates verticality, structure, solidity, sense of modulation. B) Subject Iconography Symbols and symbolism Mediumperformance art, photography, film, etc Compositionhow are figures/image compose, made up? symmetry? Bacchus takes center, x-shaped focus with smaller ideas surrounding central idea(Dionysus) Style: i.e. greek classical, gothic (period style), region, personal style (Picasso-esque, eg) Content sum total of subject, context, reception, interperetation Taylor iversea How would this picture if everything were furry except the cup? if it were filled with hot cocoa? how would it be different if filled with the animals blood. this shws us that art is about process and decision making. driving force behind contemporary art....
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07 - Art speak A Formal elements Line/shape Color Texture...

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