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Andy Beyer Recitation # 111 2/18/08 The Effect of Regions on Characters and Plot in Tsotsi In the film Tsotsi , socioeconomic background creates distinctions between different regions that shape the attitudes and values of different characters. This affects how they relate to one another and creates a platform on which the story unfolds. The word totsi is a slang term for “thug” in Sesotho, a Bantu language spoken in South Africa. The main character of the film is known by the name Tsotsi, which he obviously chose to represent his status and occupation in life. Tsotsi is in fact a petty criminal and gang leader who lives in a shack in a South African township. While his mother slowly dies from an AIDS-related illness, Tsotsi grows up with an abusive father and ran away to live with other homeless children, later turning to crime in order to support himself. Tsotsi’s lifestyle is a product of his socioeconomic status, which is dictated by his regional background. In a township in South Africa, proper healthcare would likely be nearly impossible and the ability to prevent the spread of diseases like AIDS would be difficult because of a lack of awareness and proper protection. Also, coming from a very
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tsotsipaper - Andy Beyer Recitation 111 The Effect of...

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