07 - 800: charelemagne crowned holy roman emperor, brings...

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Medieval sacred music: the roman catholic church Ritual: hierarchy, power, control Historical background for the medieval church •roman period (600 years) late 2 nd cent. B.C.E.—>late 5 th cent C.E. aulos=tibia greek instrument preservation of greek musical theories: aligned with astronomy and mathematics universe governed by sounding number, derivation of musical intervals from ratios of whole numbers lasted until late 5 th century, fall of rome medieval period 476—1450 5 th to late 8 th centuries: incursions by Germanic tribes, decline of roman culture. destruction of infrastructure large reason late 8 th century: domination by franks/king Charlemagne standardizes religious rights in 789 to strengthen political control catholic church: central world view in medieval western world
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Unformatted text preview: 800: charelemagne crowned holy roman emperor, brings together of church and state, connects old roman empire with papacy, manifested by Charlemagne intellectual orientation: Greco roman liturgy: Judaic Judaic psalm singing > catholic chants Judaic sacrificial rites> eucharist Hierarchy of liturgy and music Maintain power of a central authority (holy roman emperor) Hierarchy of calendar cycles/holidays High: Christmas/easter (public mass in latin, most people could not understand); low: saints days (clergy only) Offices Musical styles: Melismatic (celebration) Neumatic (ritual action) Syllabic(text) kyrie Texture: monophony Musical style: neumatic/melismatic Organized around pitch (the final)...
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07 - 800: charelemagne crowned holy roman emperor, brings...

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