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Lab1 - fish each time Six fish total Biting quantity...

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Lab 1: Fish Behavior Mari Elise Ewing EBIO Gen Bio Lab 1 9/15/08 Observations: Resident shook and bit at the intruder. Intruder drove resident out of pot, but then resident returned to pot Early on both refused to give up the cave Smaller intruder keeps his distance, larger resident chases intruder If hypothesis (and these methods) then prediction Question: Does body size factor into aggression in male Johanni? Hypothesis: Larger male Johanni are more aggressive than smaller male Johanni if there is no previously established residency. Procedure: Put two fish into a tank, no previously established residency. 3 trials, two new
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Unformatted text preview: fish each time. Six fish total. Biting: quantity Shaking: quantity, duration (average, total) Fins up : Duration Chasing: duration, who chases who If larger Johanni are more aggressive than smaller Johanni in a neutral area, they should bite the smaller fish more, shaking more and for longer durations, have their fins up more often, and should be chasing the smaller fish more often. There is no control b/c residency and sex are being controlled. Only experimental variable is size....
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