Tijuana - Andy Beyer GEOG 1982 100 Written assignment#2 San...

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Andy Beyer GEOG 1982 – 100 4/1/08 Written assignment #2 San Diego to Tijuana: Spaces and Places Tijuana, Mexico. The place-name conjures up images of impoverished drug addicts, filthy criminals, filthier teenage prostitutes, violent brawls, and murderous men waiting behind every corner of every dilapidated building along Avenida Revolucion. Americans might imagine also the bars, strip clubs, and souvenir shops that line this main artery of vice through a terrible city. And yes, every single one of these things exists in Tijuana, but according to California writer-editor Jim Benning, there is so much more. Benning’s short article “Smackdown in Tijuana” reveals this and so much more about the city and what it means to locals, tourists, and all those who know of Tijuana’s existence. In regional geography, a region is an area unified by homogeneous characteristics. These may be physical, political, social, economical, or other types of characteristics. Any region is made up of many places that all share these characteristics, but each place is in some way distinct from each other place in a given region. Each place also occupies a specific space. However, space and place are somewhat separate. While space is the physical area in which a place exists, the place is what has geographic significance. Space is an objective concept, but the subjectivity of place is what creates the multitude of differences between space and place, and part of what makes regional geography a study
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Tijuana - Andy Beyer GEOG 1982 100 Written assignment#2 San...

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