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07 - (x=2y 1 i.e 8 columns on ends 17 on sides 17=2(8 1...

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Goodness/truth/beauty symmetria ≠ symmetry Citadel of Athens = acropolis (high city in greek) Model of the Acropolis, Athens 5-41 (garnder) Athenian pride/identity, 5 th century Athens pride = acropolis other poleis jealous Parthenon (Temple of Athena parthenos [Athena the virgin]) 5-42 Iktinos and Mallikrates (architects), Phidias (sculptor), Parthenon, 447-438 BCE Parthenon is ideal Doric temple Harmonious numerical ratios – controlled cunstruction by symmetria, parts in proportion
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Unformatted text preview: (x=2y+1) i.e. 8 columns on ends, 17 on sides 17=2(8)+1 Curved stylobate leading up to temple and curved entablature, very slight. Slightly wider at base and slightly inward leaning All done with adjustments and refinements More columns at Parthenon than aphaia, columns at aphaia are shorter and wider, spaced wider Doric=simple Ionic=curls Corinthian=ornate and badass See gardner 102-103...
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