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Word Project 1 - Lab Test A

Word Project 1 - Lab Test A - Eurpean Tour Reservation...

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European Tour… …Tarrant County College Alumni Association On Saturday, June 25, 2005, the Tarrant County College Alumni Association will leave International Airport for a tour of Europe visiting France, Spain, and Italy. The tour is limited to 74 alumni and their guests. Your deposit of $250 per person guarantees your ticket to the adventure of a lifetime! The final cost will be $1,100 per person and includes two meals a day plus hotel accomodations. Deadline for resirvations is June 3. Call 817-555-8800 for more information.
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Unformatted text preview: Eurpean Tour Reservation Form Name (please print) _________________________________________ Guest’s Name (one guest per alumnus) ____________________________ Address __________________________________________________ City ______________________ State __ Zip Code ___________ Telephone _____________________ Make checks payable to: TCC Alumni Association Mail this coupnn and your $250/per person check to: TCC Alumni Office 2100 Southeast Parkway Arlington, TX 76018...
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