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College Algebra – 1314 GC Ann Triplett EXTRA CREDIT ASSIGNMENT FOR TEST 1 Below are five sets of problems from the homework sections of the first chapter of our textbook. You may choose to do all five sets, or none of the five sets, or some of them. Each set is worth a maximum of 2 points, for an overall total of 10 points maximum. The 10 points would be added to your grade on Test 1. For example, if your grade on the test was 82, and you had 10 extra credit points, I would record a grade of 92 for you on Test 1.
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Unformatted text preview: To receive the maximum amount of extra credit, do ALL of the problems, and show all your work . Check your answers and rework as necessary. You may get help in the Math Learning Center if you wish. 1. Section P.1 11,15,93,95,111,115,117 Section P.2 3,5,47,51,59,61,63 14 problems 2. Section P.3 1-11 odd, 21,27,29,37,43,47,51 13 problems 3. Section P.4 9,11,13,17,27,31,49,61,69,83 10 problems 4. Section P.5 5,15,21,23,27,29,31,39,41,51,55 11 problems 5. Section P.6 9,13,17,29,33,35,41,43,49,55 10 problems...
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