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Ex+cr+test+two+-sp08 - to do in each of b and c Section 2.4...

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College Algebra – 1314 GC Ann Triplett EXTRA CREDIT ASSIGNMENT FOR TEST 2 You can do this assignment to get up to 5 points of extra credit added to your grade from Test 2. To get full credit, you would need to do all problems and SHOW ALL WORK . A list of answers will not receive any credit. This is due in class the day of our test. Section 2.3, page 229 Do problem 90 – be sure to answer all parts! There are several things
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Unformatted text preview: to do in each of b and c Section 2.4, page 239 Do problems 29,30,31,32 This is a total of 4 problems – the information given is also shown in the graph just above the problems. Section 2.6, page 268 Do problems 95,96,97,98 This is a total of 4 problems – use the information and table provided just above them on that same page....
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