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presentation - The main reason is that Windows XP have...

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Hamilton Nguyen Since Windows Vista was released to the public in 2007, it was critically acclaim for its features such as their graphical user interface or GUI, improved search database, new multimedia creation tools, redesigned network, audio, print, and display sub-systems. Because of vista’s specifications, Microsoft announced that it will discontinue the production of Window XP by June 30 th . So, why should we care about Windows XP that is being replaced by Vista and why should we care if XP is being pulled off the shelves?
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Unformatted text preview: The main reason is that Windows XP have shown significant advantages against Vista on productivity tasks. According to PC World survey, 3500 out of 4000 people rated XP as “most stable and reliable” operating system than Vista, and 79% of 3500 participants are willing to adopt XP as their main windows application. Therefore, this presentation will help explained and provide evidence that XP is superior to vista....
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