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Attention-getting device Clear purpose/thesis statement Effective overview of presentation Credibility/rapport with audience Reflects audience analysis Transition to body Main points (clear/identifiable/logical) Transitions between points Easy to follow Relevant supporting material (citations used) Transition to conclusion Rephrasing of purpose/restating of main points Memorable ending Eye contact (with whole audience) Extemporaneous speech (not read) Gestures (appropriate/natural) Posture (straight/still/not stiff) Professional appearance (dress/grooming) No distractions (mannerisms/movement) Volume Rate Conversational quality (not memorized)
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Unformatted text preview: Vocal fillers (uh, um, like…) Confidence Clear/minimal text Legible – appropriate font size Relevant & interesting – used appropriately Professional quality Clearly organized & all inclusive Reflected the presentation Typed Sources documented Individual Student Feedback – Informative Presentation Name: ________________________ Date: __________________________ Topic: ________________________ Score: _________________________ Introduction Body Conclusion Physical Delivery Vocal Delivery Visual Outline Time (4-6 minutes) ________________ Additional Comments:...
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