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bio_syllabus - Department of Biological Sciences FULL...

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SAB 8/27/08 B190 Full Syllabus_084 Department of Biological Sciences FULL COURSE SYLLABUS (on Blackboard) I. GENERAL INFORMATION COURSE: Biology 190: “Introductory Biology for Health Professions” SECTIONS: Sections 010, 011, 012 SEMESTER: Fall 2008 PROFESSOR: Dr. Sarah A. Bruce Office: Smith Hall, Rm 320 Tutoring Center Hour: THU, 5-6 pm, SM 307 Office Hours: MON 5-6 pm, TUE 2-3 pm, and by appointment E-mail: [email protected] ( BEST WAY TO REACH ME ) If you contact me by e-mail, please do so directly to the above address (rather than through Blackboard). If you do not receive a response within 48 hours, assume that I did not receive your message and resend your message by forwarding the sent message in order to include original date/time. Thanks, SAB Mailbox: Smith Hall, Rm 341 Phone: 410-704-5176 (better to contact me by e-mail) FAX: 410-704-2405 CLASS MEETINGS: Lect: TUE and THU, 12:30-1:45, Smith Hall (SM) 356 Lab: Section 010: MON, 10-12:50, SM 307 Section 011: MON, 2-4:50, SM 307 Section 012: WED, 2-4:50, SM 307 BOOKS and SUPPLIES: (required) 1
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Textbook : Campbell, NA, JB Reece, MR Taylor, and EJ Simon. 2006. Biology: , 5 th edition. Pearson/Benjamin-Cummings. Lab Manual: Bruce, Feldman and Berkower. 2008. Guided Inquiry in Biology for Health Professions, 4 th edition . Available at Copies Plus, Cook Library, ~$10. Please be sure to purchase your copy on the first day of class. There are assignments in the Lab Manual that you need to complete FOR the first lab. Ring binder: 1-1 1/2 inch ring binder for the above lab manual A packet of 3x5-inch index cards: please bring a few cards to each lecture and lab Additional Reading : Allen, G and J Baker. 2001. Biology: Scientific Process and Social Issues . John Wiley & Sons. Purchase optional; non-circulating copies are also available at Faculty Reserve, 3 rd floor circulation desk in Cook Library. CRITICAL DATES: Last day to drop/add: 9/10/08 (no record on your transcript) Last day to withdraw: 11/12/08 (“W” on transcript; not calculated in GPA) Last day to change to/from pass/fail: 11/12/08 (NOTE: passing = C or better; also P/F not permitted in courses required by your major) Unit Exams: Dates listed in Schedule section, below Final Exam: WED, 12/17/08, 12:30-2:30 pm, SM 356 COURSE WEBSITE BIOL190 A on Blackboard: Please investigate the course website (BIOL190 B ) on Blackboard (Bbd) by the second class and use the material as needed. The key things on this website are: Course-related announcements of importance to all students Full Syllabus in including complete lecture & lab schedule – you are responsible for reading the full syllabus by the 2 nd class Back-up copy of abbreviated syllabus Guidelines for Evaluating Websites for Scholarship Chemistry Review Notes A separate folder for each unit with lecture and lab material for the unit , e.g. the Initial Research Assignment for the unit with hot links
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bio_syllabus - Department of Biological Sciences FULL...

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