Assignment2 - Watergate a Sunday morning marks the...

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Watergate June 18, 1972, a Sunday morning, marks the publication date of the first of many articles addressing what is now collectively referred to as “Watergate.” Over the next two years, the most famous story in the history of American investigative journalism slowly transpired, revealed by the hard work and dedication of two young Washington Post reporters. The scandal resulted in several criminal trials, resignations and terminations throughout the Office of the President, including Nixon himself, and the addition of two new names in United States History: Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward. In an older case like Watergate, there are relatively few updates that relate directly to the actual event, however as time passes, the effects of the case can be seen spreading out through our society. Woodward and Bernstein reviewing the case after more than thirty years offers unique insight into how they feel their actions have changed our country, and what advice they’d give to younger generations based on their personal experiences. “Reflecting on Watergate” – Heather Steeves
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Assignment2 - Watergate a Sunday morning marks the...

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