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bio_unit 01 study guide - UNIT 1 STUDY QUESTIONS These...

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UNIT 1 – STUDY QUESTIONS These questions (along with the questions about stem cells in the Unit 1 initial research assignment and the Review and “Connection” questions in the lab manual for this unit – duplicated below) are provided to guide your study. The questions are listed in the approximate order of coverage of the material in lecture, and therefore serve as a basic outline of the unit. However a complete response to some questions early in the list will need information from later lectures, the lab, or text reading. You should study your notes from lecture and lab, the sections of your text assigned for the unit (listed below), and other scholarly sources as needed to fully respond to each of these questions, and you should revisit each question at the end of the unit to be sure you incorporate all the information presented. While you may begin by looking up a definition or a single phrase/sentence response to each question, this alone will not be sufficient. At the end of your study of the unit, you should be able to write a short paragraph in response to each question without reference to any sources. Text assignments for Unit 1 Chpt 4: intro, sections 4.1 – 4.19 (i.e. entire chpt) Chpt 5: sections 5.10 – 5.20 Chpt 8: sections 8.4 – 8.11 Chpt 11: sections 11.2 – 11.3 1. What is the relationship between evidence and a conclusion? What are the three major criteria for good evidence? 2. What initiates scientific inquiry/investigation? What are the sequential steps of this process? How does each step lead to the next? 3.
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bio_unit 01 study guide - UNIT 1 STUDY QUESTIONS These...

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