155%20Syllabus_07-4 - Science 155, Physical Science, Fall...

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Unformatted text preview: Science 155, Physical Science, Fall 2007 Instructor: Dr. Mary Korte Campus office: SH002B Campus phone: 243-4297 Campus email: [email protected] Required texts : The Physical Universe by Krauskopf and Beiser Print your own labs each week from the WebCT site for this class Attendance : Students are expected to attend all lectures and labs, participate in classroom activities and discussions, turn in assignments on time, and demonstrate a professional attitude. Late work will NOT be accepted without penalty (and will not be accepted after the assignment is returned to the class) unless you have a serious and verifiable excuse--for example, medical emergencies or legal obligations such as jury duty. If you have an excused absence due to a CUW activity, your work should be turned in before you leave for your activity. There are NO make-ups for missed labs. You must take all exams and quizzes at the scheduled time. There are no make-ups for missed quizzes or assignments that are given when you are not in class. Note when exams are scheduled and make necessary travel arrangements, including Thanksgiving & Fall Break! A non-refundable airline ticket purchased by you or someone else is NOT an acceptable excuse for missing a scheduled test. ADA : This professor and Concordia affirm federal ADA legislation. Any student who has a documented condition requiring special consideration should contact me by email no later than Monday of the second week of the semester in order to make proper arrangements. Grading : Your course grade will be based on a total of 800 points: Lab work 10 labs @ 10 pts each 100 points Lab quizzes 10 quizzes @ 10 pts each 100 points Monarch monitoring 20 points Class devotion 15 points Text critique 25 points Scientific apologetics paper 40 points Class presentation 100 points Tests 3 tests @ 100 pts each 300 points Final exam 100 points TOTAL POSSIBLE: 800 points A = 92-100% 736-800 points C = 72-77 576-623 A- = 90-91 728-735 C- = 70-71 560-575 B+ = 88-89 704-727 D+ = 68-69 544-559 B = 82-87 656-703 D = 62-67 496-543 B- = 80-81 640-655 D- = 60-61 480-495 C+ = 78-79 624-639 F = <60% < 480 Grades will not be curved in Science 155. The only way to be assured that you receive the grade you want is to earn the required points. Please see me early in the semester if you need extra help--don't wait for serious problems to develop. Free academic resources include individual tutoring, the Writing Center, and weekly group study & review sessions. It is expected that students who need extra help will take advantage of these opportunities. Tentative Schedule : PowerPoints to accompany class lectures are available on WebCT....
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This note was uploaded on 09/22/2008 for the course SCI 155 taught by Professor Korte during the Spring '08 term at Concordia WI.

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155%20Syllabus_07-4 - Science 155, Physical Science, Fall...

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