JAssignment3 - Assignment #3 Hostilities between Israel and...

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Assignment #3 Hostilities between Israel and its Arab neighbors have rarely ceased since Israel’s creation in 1948. The violence more recently has been with Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Palestinian Authority, controlled by Hamas. Hamas and Hezbollah both regularly fire unguided rockets into Israeli cities and, in the past, sent suicide bombers. Israel, on the other hand, fires higher-power weapons on Hamas and Hezbollah military targets, often placed in civilian areas. In the summer of 2006, Hezbollah fighters crossed the Israeli border and raided a group of soldiers, killing eight and capturing two. Normally an event such as this would call for diplomacy, resulting in a prisoner exchange. However, Israel responded much more harshly than expected, temporarily invading Southern Lebanon. The war lasted thirty-four days. Hamas took advantage of Israel’s diverted attention and also made a raid across the Israeli border, capturing a soldier. Tensions between Israel and these two groups have been high ever since. Considering Israel in general is a very controversial topic, having the coverage please everyone is nearly impossible. But staying as objective as possible requires restraint by journalists, and even more careful scrutiny of the facts than normal. Context is key when covering such a wide-ranging controversial subject as Israel and the Middle East. On June 10 th 2006, one month before the initial raid by Hezbollah, a stray Israeli artillery shell hit a family picnicking on a Gaza beach, killing seven. This caused a media firestorm. The photo accompanying a New York Times article titled “Hamas Fires Rockets at Israel After Calling Off Truce 1 ” dramatically depicts a young girl weeping over her family member’s dead
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JAssignment3 - Assignment #3 Hostilities between Israel and...

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