Chem Lab Qualitative Analysis

Chem Lab Qualitative Analysis - Introduction Chemistry is a...

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Unformatted text preview: Introduction Chemistry is a field in which questions are constantly being asked and answered. Qualitative analysis is one of many techniques chemists use to answer questions. It can be used in order to determine the composition of chemical compounds, solutions with multiple solutes, and other multiple element compositions. The backbone to qualitative analysis is the importance of generating known reactions and quantities. This is called a scheme and once the scheme has been created, unknown compositions can be applied to the scheme. For this experiment, known cation solutions will be tested and analyzed through a scheme to generate known reactions and quantities. Then an unknown cation solution will be evaluated through the same scheme to determine what is in the unknown solution by comparing the data from the scheme done on known substances. The preliminary processes for the experiment include two different steps. First, all the solid salts of metal cations will be mixed with water to generate cation solutions that will undergo multiple tests to generate the known reactions and quantities. Then, a predetermined scheme will be used for a student made solution of all cations. This will be used also as a source for known reactions. Techniques used in the scheme include centrifuging, micropipetting, and spot testing. The centrifuge is used to separate precipitates from solution by spinning the solution extremely fast and forcing the solid to the bottom of a test tube while leaving the liquid on top. This makes the process of micropipetting , which removes all the water from a test tube while leaving the solid,...
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Chem Lab Qualitative Analysis - Introduction Chemistry is a...

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