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Your write up The experiment that we are doing is finding the amount of vitamin C and the glucose levels of different acidic fruits. By doing this we hope to show that citrus fruit have a valid level of ascorbic acid for human health needs. We will be looking at ten types of citrus fruits, as well as comparing these levels against an over-the-counter Vitamin C supplement. We would like to be able to compare across and prove or defeat the ideas that one citrus fruit has a higher Vitamin C level than another does. For example, oranges vs. lemons. This may not be possible, as the 10 types of fruit listed below might have to be condensed down to 4-5 fruits and these might all be the same. We will also be looking at the glucose levels in, what is accepted as good and healthy for consumption, the citrus fruits. My write up The experiment proposed is to determine the amount of vitamin C and glucose in
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Unformatted text preview: different acidic fruits. The results from this experiment are expected to yield values for both glucose and vitamin that are sufficient for human dietary needs. A variety of ten different fruits will be evaluated and each compared against an over-the-counter vitamin C supplement. This will allow for easy comparison of each fruit and determine whether or not fruit is an adequate source of glucose and vitamin C. As for the glucose, data obtained will be rated on a scale to determine if it is accepted as good and healthy for consumption. Each fruit will be put through a absorbic acid determination test and a glucose determination step while the vitamin C tablet will only be subjected to the absorbic acid test. Im not sure if this is what you wanted me to do so let me know tomorrow or in class...
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