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sociology practice test - Introductory Sociology - First...

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Introductory Sociology — First Exam — February 17 th , 2005 [Note: based on 2005 readings. Not all questions apply to 2007 material] 1 Which frame of blame might contain the following observation? Your instructor made this test way too unclear because he is a research-university faculty member; and such people don’t care about undergraduate students. A individual. B medical. C academic. D sociological. 2 According to lecture and “The sociology of God,” monotheism is most likely to develop in a society that has A a small population and is totally separated from other societies. B a huge population (hundreds of millions) united under a globe-spanning imperial government. C a large population united under a single military leader who claims supernatural authority over life and death. D defeated the neighboring pagan societies and reassured itself of the superiority of one God. 3 According to lecture and “The Holy Spirit as Conscience Collective ,” those who feel a supernatural presence during a ritual are reacting to A collective delusion. B the force of group dynamics as focused by the ritual. C a form of collective hypnosis as controlled by the group leader. D the high God Vishna. E F G 4 According to lecture and “Blood Sacrifice and the Nation,” the most potent totems symbolize what about the higher power (God or the state)? A the sacrifice that members make to it. B the safety of group members who give their devotion to it. C its generosity and love. D the punishment of those who disobey it. 5
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sociology practice test - Introductory Sociology - First...

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