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Natalie Cook Personal Essay, 23 June 2008 Short Description of Cornell There’s a big hill. It is steep. It is green. It is tattooed with a peace sign. I don’t see anything around me as I climb the hill, tired, with my back hunched and head slumped over. All I can see are my barking feet. The sun comes out as I reach the summit. There are a few forks in the road, curvy, and winding, and just a bit tantalizing. I go right, towards the less steep road. The road wraps around, twisting, turning, bending, and continuing. I smell the grass, wet and fresh. I see the clean, clear sky, crisp, and
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Unformatted text preview: bright blue, decorated with clouds like giant cotton balls. I hear the toil of the construction workers from all ends of campus: drilling, mowing, sawing. I see a sea of people of many shades, shapes, and sizes. I hear them laughing and chatting, complaining and yelping. Most of all, I see red. Red sleeping on peoples clothing. Red flying from flagpoles. Red stretching out on banners on buildings. Red everywhere....
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