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Natalie Cook PSP Personal Essay 18 July 2008 Personal Response to “Boyfriends” I really liked the tone of this essay. The narrator seems honest and reflective, and does a fine job expressing her emotions detail by detail so that I, the reader, can feel what she is going through. For example, when she describes the incident when she gave Peter “a sudden lick on the cheek,” I too feel the embarrassment and awkwardness that she and Peter felt. I think the author does a good job making the story feel real to the reader by including names that the reader may not be familiar with, but can make a simple
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Unformatted text preview: connection with, such as Gordon MacRae, Kathryn Grayson, “Desert Song,” Hi-Y, A&W Root Beer, Rainbow Café, Camp Canwita, Fran Sinatra, Splendor in the Grass , etc. Although I am only familiar with a couple of the names mentioned, seeing the names of the café, the camp and the movie, instead of her simply stating that she went to a café, went to camp, and saw a movie, brings the story to life for me. I think that some themes evoked by this essay are insecurity, peer pressure, and milestones in growing up....
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