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"Handcuffed Voice" Original Ballad

"Handcuffed Voice" Original Ballad - So with his...

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Natalie Cook                       Mr. Hay AP English      13 December 2007 Hadcuffed Voice Poor Robert had ears of rock He struggled to speak and often got mocked. He couldn’t hear the kids teasin’  But he could see their words weren’t pleasin.’ Well Robert had chocolate skin He was tall, dark, and very thin.  He had no friends at school People just took him for a fool. One day he got stopped by the po-po Just ‘cause his skin was cocoa. They asked him where he was last night But he didn’t respond, just started to fight. They flung him ‘gainst a wall Patted him, handcuffed him and all.
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Unformatted text preview: So with his hands behind his back A voice was what he lacked. He couldnt do nothin without his hands He felt so weak, so not like a man. But the cops had no idea he was deaf They just cared about whod done the theft. But poor Rob didnt do a thing yesterday But he couldnt tell them he had no way. No lawyer, no voice to speak for himself Had a simple life, no type of wealth. So they sent old Robert to the bookin He couldnt say nothin, was just lookin. I never seen old Rob again, Maybe hell get out, just dont know when....
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"Handcuffed Voice" Original Ballad - So with his...

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