"A Mother" (The Dead) Essay

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Natalie Cook Mr. Hay AP English 25 February 2008 “A Mother” Dark Ireland : Historical Context- Irish Revival, artistic movement to join nationalism and art and recover the Irish language. o “artistes” : phony, sarcastic (ie father’s daughter presenting a fiancé who was an artiste; field that is made fun of) Paralysis : Mrs. Kearney’s greed literally stops the entire concert; “Miss Kathleen Kearney’s musical career was ended in Dublin after that…” (123) Mrs. Kearney o Not really a sexual being: “trying to console her romantic desires by eating a great deal of Turkish Delight in secret” (113) Comedy- romantic desires satisfied with food, and in SECRET
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Unformatted text preview: o Concerned with impressing society: “Miss Delvin had become Mrs. Kearney out of spite” (113) o Antagonistic : “ They thought they had only a girl to deal with and that, therefore, they could ride roughsod over her. But she would show them their mistake. They wouldn’t have dared to have treated her like that if she had been a man. But she would see that her daughter got her rights: she wouldn’t be fooled.” (123) o Controlling : We never even get a chance to hear Kathleen’s voice • Comic relief: “ ‘ That’s a nice lady!’ he said. ‘O, she’s a nice lady!’ (sarcasm)...
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